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Blobs 3D

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What does it do? Well, this is the one blobby-object app you've been waiting for! Drag those blobs around with your fingers, pop them by double-tapping, or simply let them do their thing and watch as they float around in 3D space, gently merging and separating with that familiar 'flupp' sound. It's just one more of those things you may not have expected your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to be capable of!

Check out the different themes and play around with the various settings that control the appearance of your blobs. It's not really a game, just a little app to have fun with and cool down your mind. Enjoy the blob experience and share it with your friends. Your kids might like it, too. It's kind of like play dough without the smelly sticky stuff, and like a lava lamp without burning your fingers.

Features include:

  • 26 different themes to choose from
  • multitouch support
  • variable blob size, speed, etc...
  • works in portrait and landscape mode
  • full 3D rendering
  • retina display support on iPhone 4

App Store

Now available on the App Store!